I am Ilona Domnich, a soprano leggero, opera and concert singer and actress.

My fascination and ambition is to discover the endless possibilities of how my voice can express it all. What are the life journeys and the choices that people make? How do we find the balance between the darkness and the light? How do we connect to our deepest trust, love and courage. All these questions and some answers are found in music, and for me in Opera and in song. The human voice is the most expressive music instrument for me. Opera is the perfectly complex style of music – it is through the combination of music, theatre and movement through the human expression that the connection with the audience happens and all the feelings are presented through a magnified glass for the performer to heal the listener and oneself.

I am told by fellow musicians, conductors and critics that I have a unique combination of qualities: a “magnetic presence” on stage, a “memorable colour of voice” and a “sensitive, true musicianship”. I consider myself a versatile singer, always curious and fearless to take on challenging projects and grow. My life-experiences and performances, I believe, equip me well to sustain the demands of a top international career which is what I am now hoping to accomplish.

My passion is to breathe new life into the heroines that I play and sing, be it Mimi, Violetta, Gilda, Contessa, Marguerite, Anna Bolena; a cabaret show, a song recital, requiem or a newly composed piece. Be it a film score or an opening ceremony- my commitment is trueto myself and my voice.

I think deeply about what I do, beginning with the music interpretation through to investigating the characters of the women I sing. I am fascinated by their stories and the choices they make in life and I am keen to know everything about them as it influences how I play my roles. But I know that the real mystery lies in the human heart.

I experience indescribable joy when my voice is able to bring out and express the depth of emotions in the parts that I sing and I am able to move audiences who listen to me. On a very profound human level I simply love to sing and I cannot imagine doing anything better in my life.

I have a lyric soft-grained soprano voice with a flexible range and I have been singing a wide range of repertoire as I consider myself to be a versatile artist, always eager to push the boundaries and to be fearless and adventurous in my choices.
I believe that my strength lies in the combination of being a good musician, a good actress and having an ardent and rich colour in my voice which gives it the memorable quality that the critics speak of.

I am able to tap easily into the deep emotions that my experiences of life have given me and create a journey for my characters on stage. I am a committed and devoted musician, always ready to scrutinise the music and the drama in order to bring truth to the women I play.

I believe that opera is the most beautiful and complex art form. It combines theatre, music and dance and it brings our everyday lives before us in sharp focus. We are able to see ourselves and what we feel as if through a microscope. I have been moved by great singers, their voices and their ability to show the most incredible depths of the human soul. And it is through singing the parts that I am offered that I want to continue to move people with my voice.

I have lived in three great cultural cities – St Petersburg, Jerusalem and now London and each contains many rich experiences for me. Today, London is my home and my son was born here. I regard myself as a Londoner having lived and worked in the city for the past 17 years.