17th Mar 2018

I am a great anticipator. I get excited when I expect something to happened. That includes preparation for a concert, from learning the music to getting dressed for a performance. From meeting the orchestra to seeing how our collaboration is unfolding. Perhaps the expectation of what is about to happen is equally powerful to the experience of the performance. Every detail is important, following all my little rituals before, during and after, everything that gets my full attention, is what makes my experience of singing enjoyable and wholesome.

Many times I am learning a new programme to just perform it once. After I have sang it, I am already preparing for the next. A very recent example. I have just sang 2 concert in the beautiful Dubal Opera house, followed by 2 concerts with CBSO and was called to sing with Halle Orchestra. Then got the music for a concert with BBC Concert Orchestra and few days later was performing life on the radio (BBC R3), in honour of the International woman’s day. The programme was featuring female composers. Gorgeous music, two different styles in one concert.

While I anticipate new concerts/programmes/performances I keep thinking about what I have sang. The music continues in my heart, head and voice until it finds a place of contentment, because I realise how it has changed me.

Voix du Cabaret tour

25th Nov 2017

Voix du Cabaret

Proud to present an evening of Chanson by way of Berlin and Bulevard St. Germain.

What does is mean to live through death, to lose hope and to find love? Past entwined with the future, fragments, repeated cycles, dreams and love. These immortal songs once made famous by great artists, they are the voices of Cabaret and I bring them through my voice. They ask raw, uncomfortable questions, they heal wounds, they destroy and transform. These are the voices of hope and life itself.

   Mark Risi on the piano and Ian Marcus on the bass

Highlights of 2016/17

4th Aug 2017

I have enjoyed a busy year, filled with amazing variety of performances, venues and memorable encounters with great people. I began with a ‘Thank you’ concert with Simon Over at Bob Boas’s generous house. I felt very strongly that I wanted to gather all the people who have been involved and supportive of my singing career and simply to thank them, acknowledge how moved I am to have such an loyal team standing behind me, all who believe in me and walk together with me.

This followed by truly magical engagements. I sang one of my dream pieces Poulenc’s Gloria at the Notre Dame de Paris, Cadogan Hall and a recital at the British Embassy in Paris. Notre Dame welcomed me warmly into its’ massive belly.

‘Friday night is music night’ with BBC Concert orchestra, with whom I have a longstanding collaboration. There I met Alexander Armstrong.

I recorded 3 CDs this year: V. William’s The Scott of Antarctic with Scottish National symphony orchestra, Conducted by Martin Yates. Released by Dutton Epoch records@

Requiem composed by Timothy Hamilton released by Naxos@

Shostakovitch rear works, together with Alexandra Sherman, Sasha Rozdestvensky and Jeremy Menuhin.










Carmina Burana at ‘Three choir festival’ , where I met the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Few other singing dreams came true – Chants d’Auvergne and Brahms requiem with OSJ and Maestro John Lubbock, the role of Glauce/Dirce in Medea by Cherubini with Maestro Gianluca Marciano in Beirut, Gustav’s Holst The Mystic Trumpeter (Scena for soprano and orchestra) with BBC Concert Orchestra and Maestro Martin Yates.

Concert in the main auditorium of Barcelona with Richardo Estrada, Singing 11 concerts on the Glorious stage of the Royal Albert Hall, Meeting Tony and Cherie Blair, being chosen the Artist of the month on the Opera Now, singing a recital/interview for Rhinegold LIVE (where Artists are hand-selected by the editors of Classical MusicInternational Piano and Opera Now magazines) And developing my own one woman show (details to follow).

And I Almost forgot 🙂 I run 10K with my friend Ruti and few hundred amazing women to raise money for cancer research.