Harness the power of operatic performance.

A trained voice of an Opera singer has an authority that transmits a sense of strength. I sing without a microphone, with my entire body. The sound that I produce comes from my entire heart, my soul, my head and from the gut. I move my audience to tears, make them laugh; I take them on a journey and capture their imagination. You can do it too’  Ilona Domnich

Welcome to ‘Find your inner voice’ workshops

 ‘Find your inner voice’ workshops for Women in leadership, who want to impact and influence. Women who want to break the glass ceiling and let their voices be heard in male dominating environment.

 ‘Find your inner voice’  workshop for Men in senior positions, who want to find their inner voices and strength their powerful delivery. Men who want to influence from a place of confidence, trust and inner connection to their open hearts.

 ‘Finding You Inner Voice’ workshops for staff are designed to empower the voice of trust inside the team, to open the team to higher performance and make it more effective, to free the team spirit.

 ‘Find Your Inner Voice’ workshops for women or men who have been or are being abused or are isolated. Who want to overcome such issues as verbal, physical and sexual abuse, trauma and let their inner voices be empowered.

My voice wasn’t always powerful; I have experienced abuse and overcame it through my practice. I feel able to empower other people to find their inner voice because I have gone through my own journey of transformation. Therefore there’s a personal progression for myself in sharing my experience and training others.

The human voice has power and beauty of expression; it is our instrument of communication.When presenting an idea, meeting with peers, leading a public engagement, talking to employees or to the boss, a lot depends on how much we trust and can express our inner voice.

My workshops are a supportive platform to gain an experience in how opera singers communicate their stories, capture their audiences and learn to apply themselves with clarity and confidence to their own work.

Through harnessing the power of the opera singer I help create a fresh and effective way of communicating. I use vocal exercises, acting games to focus the mind, movement to engage the body, and breathing techniques to empower voice projection and the powers of expression. Individuals and teams will learn to connect with their own inner voices and with each other to find that inner trust that allows to achieve even against adversity.

In my workshops I concentrate on developing two important dimensions: ‘Mastering The Self’ and ‘Impacting Others’.
 ‘Finding your inner voice’ workshop is all about human expression through the voice. It is a challenging and creative exploration of self in an empathetic, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

I share my skill and experience, to inspire and teach tools to deliver powerfully in the job and in life.



  1. Body/breath connection
  2. Head/heart connection
  3. Secure voice production- reliable and long lasting vocal technique when speaking to small or large audiences.
  4. Care and nurture (physical and mental)
  5. Human expression, the quality of delivery and performance
  6. The inner voice, finding and sustaining

‘ I have developed my inner trust, built inner confidence based on true connection with myself. When I sing, instead of forcing and trying to impress or please, I am inviting my audience into my world. By sharing my experience and the secrets of my craft, through exercises, games and mindful vocal and stage work I can help a presenter to capture people hearts, reach their feelings and emotions – thus creating strong and lasting impact. ‘ Ilona Domnich

       What will we do and how: 

1.You will learn how to manage self – master the nerves, you will get tools on how to tame stage freight, how to enhance presence and find the voice and unleash its power.

2. You will discover the secrets of stage craft, body language, facial expressions and learn how to sense when it is too little or too much.

3. Through the acting games and exercises you will develop focus, concentration, listening skills, creating an easy flowing, fully connected, passionate and engaging performance, taking you audience on a journey with you and much more.


Workshop format:

Taster session: 2-3 hours

An intensive workshop will cover all points thoroughly: 5-6 hours

To book and for more information, please contact Ilona on and 07949712674

Ilona is a lyric soprano, described by critics as a memorable voice of silken beauty with a luminous edge to the tone, a sensitive musician and an actress of magnetic presence. Choice of Opera Now as one of Top 10 high flyers, “new generation of sopranos who are destined to have impressive careers”. An Artist of the Month in Opera Magazine and is a Telegraph’s choice of best British-based talent. Ilona’s recent teacher was Montserrat Caballe with whom Ilona worked on new roles to debut in Opera houses around the world.
Originally a pianist, Ilona was plucked by a legendary singing teacher Vera Rosza at one of the master classes. She went on to win the prestigious Wingate Scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music. Her career is growing steadily world-wide.
Ilona developed close collaboration with English National Opera, BBC Concert Orchestra and performed with CBSO, Halle orchestra, Grange Park Opera, Buxton Opera Festival, English Touring Opera, Northern Sinfonia, Royal Philharmonic orchestra, London Concert Orchestra, Southbank Sinfonia, Festival de Musique de Menton, Trasimeno Music Festival and Anghiari in Italy, Chopin festival in Mallorca, Aldeburgh festival, London Song Festival.
Ilona appeared in concert venue including Coliseum, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Barbican, Westminster Cathedral, St. Johns’ Smith square, St. Martin in the Fields and internationally in Paris, Menton, Segura, Rome, St. Peterburg, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka.
Ilona has 20 years of performing and teaching experience as a musician, pianist, actress and a versatile singer.
She performs in a variety of styles: opera, oratorio, recitals. Symphony concerts, one woman theatre shows and cabaret.

Ilona is delighted to be presenting the ‘Finding Your Inner Voice’ workshops and courses.